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Wharfedale Delta series


I have noticed that the Wharfedale Delta series circa 80's is not listed in the Database. I believe there were 4 models, the Delta 30, Delta 50, Delta 70 and Delta 90.

I've just acquired a pair of Delta 50's so can provide images which show the spec for that model. I'll try and find images for the others so that I can verify the spec of those other models.

Regards Tim

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Re: Wharfedale Delta series

I have the wharfedale Delta 70 series. Found them at a antique store for 50 bucks and they are in pristine condition, no damage, nothing! They sound very good, the bass hits low and full..... good size bookshelf speakers too. The only thing i noticed on the specifications was that they are at 88 decibals sensitivity...... I prefer mine 90 decibels or higher but I doubt my ears can tell a difference....LOL