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Why no MFA schematics?

Just wondering why there were no MFA schematics on the site. Those appear to be rare schematics. Quite thin on the ground.

Anyone know? Demands from the potential source points, for a pull?


MFA schematics

Pretty simple really

(a) AFAIK nobody has ever requested any MFA documentation

(b) Nobody has ever donated any MFA documentation


PS Who and what is MFA? It's not a name I've heard before. Is it even home audio gear?

MFA schematics

MFA: Moore, Frankland, and Associates.

Bruce Moore, tube gear. Paragon Systems, Precision Fidelity is some of his, IIRC. The Luminescence series of preamps and MFA power amps. Considered by some, to be the best there ever was and is.

I just received a Luminescence schematic in the mail from someone. The universe heard my plea, I guess.