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WINTEC of America, Inc. Audio equipment manuals- User Guides and Service Guides

WINTEC of America, Inc. was based in Long Beach, California. They made audio products back in the late 1970's. Receivers with a silver face, cassette decks, speakers, and maybe more. But Luxman supposedly built the stereo receivers for the brand. Visual observation can support the similarities and build quality. Personally Luxman is a brand I have no first hand knowledge or experience with. I do have knowledge and experience with a Wintec R-1120 stereo receiver because it's sitting on my shelf. Let me say it makes my Sansui QRX-9001 look small.

I'd like to know more about this brand.
Plus I'd like to request any manuals if they exist.

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I just pulled this comment from another board
This should clear up any misconceptions about their R-1120 having any connection with the Luxman with the same model number

Posted by Bruce Gerson
September 13, 2015 at 10:09 am
I developed the Wintec line of receivers and other audio components (most never made it to the US). They were designed to slot in between the commonly discounted Pioneer and Sansui lines and the higher-end Yamaha line. They incorporated higher quality components and features typically not found on any other receivers in the price range. One of the hallmarks of the product line was that every unit was individually tested and performance specs for that unit was presented to the owner.

To clarify a couple of points, Wintec of America was headquartered in City of Industry, CA. All equipment was manufactured by Kyocera in Japan.

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Update: I've also read Kyocera and/or NEC manufactured Wintec receivers.
At this point I don't know what or who to believe. The Wintec is a mystery!

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I had a dead Wintec receiver as well. I finally donated it to charity, never opened it...I had a ton of stuff and pared down my hoard as it got away from me.

It didn't seem so large to me, and the amount of sliders compared to other late seventies sets made me think more like early-mid 70s. I have a Soundesign with toggle panels and LED indicators that's probably close to that period as I remember the mini-consoles friends had from the early eighties and my SD receiver was nothing like that.

Oh yes, it's Kmart stuff, all plastic but the Wintec looked a lot older than the Soundesign.

I have a service manual for the Soundesign too...

My opinion of the Wintec was that it might have been a department store brand but then again whose, so yes still a mystery? Maybe 'those meddling kids' and Scooby-Doo will find out!

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Are you sure that this Wintec isn't related to the Sumitomo Wintec America that makes wires?


Sounds likely and since a lot of companies simple left the stereo equipment business by the early 1980s, and information about product lines tend to vanish with time and new owners sometimes manuals are really hard to find.

I forget, but were any schematics or other details left on the bottom or inside like some manufacturers (Sansui for one, these tended to show up on eBay a lot and manuals later)?

Hmmm...it looks like the Sumitomo company was incorporated in 1987 from an initial look at the search hit. That might mean that the original company split off or reorganized...there is a Wintec Industries that looks like it could have ties to Southern California, they make memory products.

Long Beach as headquarters...several companies had offices in that region, which made sense as imports came in near those cities or at their ports.

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Additional Info/ Recap: Wintec of America designed audio products during the 70's and early 80's. All products were manufactured by Kyocera in Japan. Wintec' line of products included stereo receivers (R-1120, R-1060, R-1030, maybe more), tuners, cassette decks, and turntables. Eventually the company stopped making home audio gear and started making products related to computers and IT. Saddles? Exactly where Wintec audio was sold is moot. Seems all items are rare.

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Well, OOPS, I donated mine to a charity.