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Would really like to have the owners and repair manuals in English for the Dual 1218 Turntable Please

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Hello to all:

I am a brand new member of this fine group of people who enjoy the happiness and joy that any kind of musical system, component, or media can bring to one's heart.

If you please, I am interested in obtaining the Operating/Repair/ and any other manuals in the English Language ( I will gladly accept any other language that these manuals are available in )for a Dual 1218 CS 31 Turntable and would be very pleased if I could hear from anyone who can help me in any way.

I live in Miami, Florida, and retired due to a disability, and really enjoy my small, but unique vinyl recordings. The Dual 1218 turntable and it's Grado cartridge make the sound come alive since I am using speakers like Altec Lansing and Acoustic research which were built in the 1960s and 1970's so I can reproduce as best I can the sound of the vinyl as it would be heard through some higher-end equipment.
I also have a totally separate system, a 9.2 surround for watching movies, streaming, and sports.

Also, if I can be of any help to anyone looking for a manual. a remote control, or any information that I can gladly pass on to help someone out, I will do the best I can, since I have been enchanted with music and all types of electronic since I was 10 years old.

So please contact me at my email address, and I will respond, and if you are looking for any information that I may have, please be as precise as possible, since I do not want to give anyone the wrong information, even if I am just a tiny bit wrong, there are so many different models and types of components, that the better the information I receive from you, the better ai can try to assist you with another that I can.

Re: Would really like to have the owners and repair manuals ...


Check out the information available on the sister site vinylengine.