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Yamaha A700 running 4 ohms speaker?

I have some Cerwin Vega RE30 speakers they are 4 ohm, will I have problem using my Yamaha A700 with these speakers ?

Re: Yamaha A700 running 4 ohms speaker?

Just found manual for Yamaha A1000 very similar and the say if you are hooking up one pair of speakers any thing from 4-16 ohms is fine but not recommend if hooking up two pair. So it's a go!

Re: Yamaha A700 running 4 ohms speaker?

Yamaha gives specs for 8 and 6 ohms, but not 4 ohms. That tells me they do not recommend 4 ohm loads.

Re: Yamaha A700 running 4 ohms speaker?

I am the happy owner of a Yamaha A700. I bought it new back sometime in the mid-eighties. I still use it as my main amp and it's feeding a pair of small Avance speakers, which are 4 ohms. Works fine! The tone controls have oxidized over the years, but I just use the "Direct" button to override them, which restores the sound quality back to its old glory. Also, "Auto Class A" is pretty much always on.

When I bought the A700, I bought it with a pair of AudioPro 2-25 speakers and an AudioPro B2-40 active subwoofer (back then, this was a novel concept and AudioPro were pretty much alone in providing such a product). Anyways, I am saying this because that means my setup is a bit atypical. The subwoofer is designed to be placed between the pre and power amps. A signal from the pre amp is sent to the subwoofer's input and a pair of adjustable cut-off filters determine what frequencies go into the subwoofer's amp and what frequencies are sent back to the power amp, easing the the job of the power amp and satellite speakers (my Avance speakers). Since the A700 is an integrated amplifier, the store where I bought it modified it, adding pre out and main in rca-sockets to the back of my A700. I have also run the 4 ohm Avance speakers from the A700 directly, without the subwoofer in the mix, so I am sure this works too. Since it sounds so much sweeter with the subwoofer, my experience without is very limited though.

The foam edges on the 2-25's and the sub-woofer were disintegrating about ten years ago. As one of the tweeters had gone out as well, I didn't bother trying to salvage the 2-25's. That's when I got the Avance speakers. The subwoofer was too precious to me and so I repaired the foam edges without spending a fortune. It works brilliantly to date in combination with the small Avance speakers.