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Yamaha belt cross-reference needed

The loading belt is called out in the manual as VE801800, and Web searching suggests the Pioneer VEB1184 as a substitute. Russel cross-reference for this is SCQ4.0, but practice I have found that SCQ3.6 works better when it comes to LaserDisc player trays. I think I may have a 3.6 in a drawer, & probably a 4.0 or two as well, so I guess I'll try them. Any remarks based on experience would be appreciated.

The sled belt is is called out as VE023400, & I have no idea what the equivalent for that should be. Guess I'll have to take it out & examine further.

Re: Yamaha belt cross-reference needed

In case anybody needs this information in future :

SCQ4.0 seems to work fine for the loading belt. I didn't try SCQ3.6.

For the sled belt, I found SCQ3.2 to work acceptably, although SCX3.2 is probably more the correct size. SCQ3.6 will physically fit, but is much too slack.