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Yamaha CD Player CDX-470

This equipment will not play CDs which are home-recorded and therefore do not bear the compact DISC digital audio mark. Is there any possible way to "unblock" it using any sort of specific software? Alternatively, is there anything that can he done to the hardware that will make it read ALL kinds of media (CDs)??

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Re: Yamaha CD Player CDX-470

If the CDs have been properly burnt and finalised and the player still won't play them, it's most likely the transport isn't compatible with CD-Rs? The physical construction of the discs is the problem as CD-R discs have lower reflectivity. A new laser might help if the old one is losing power, but CD-R technology was fairly new in the mid 90's and not all players from that era were designed to play CD-R discs, or indeed the later CD-RW type (introduced in 1997).

Re: Yamaha CD Player CDX-470

Thank you for the thorough explanation. I´ll start looking for a new laser so perhaps that might be a solution. Again, thanks for your time and attention. Regards. Max.