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Yamaha CR-400

Just got a Yamaha CR-400 and worked great for half hour. I then turned off and came back today and played for about 5 minutes then left channel cuts out gradually. Flipped power switch repeatedly and it will come back and be fine for an indefinite amount of time, 2-3 songs, then goes out. Now it is right channel which is cutting out, and as mentioned only thing that cures it is to rapidly flip power switch til it comes back then cuts out again as I mentioned. Is this a basic Deoxit job? Or something worse, gulp!

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Re: Yamaha CR-400

Hard to say, but based on what you are describing, I am gravitating toward a weak/leaky cap; It could also be speaker relays (or what drives them) as the issue. I assume you already tried wiggling speaker/volume/balance/etc knobs and switch in stead of cycling power? If you get a channel to come back by doing this, then yes, it's a Deoxit job. If this is a channel specific issue, then you may have something a bit more complex. When the channel starts to go out, does it seem like it just gets low on volume or does it sound muddy/distorted?

Re: Yamaha CR-400

Could be the protection relay contacts, or the tape monitor switch, or poor solder connections anywhere from the preamp stage to the audio output stage. Could be bad capacitors also.