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Yamaha k-2000 no go

I bought a Yamaha K-2000 because of its dbx ability. I have hundreds of tapes recorded using dbx and have to get this thing going. It behaves as if a jammed tape has been but into the machine. It will "play" for about 2 seconds and shut off. In PLAY, the left reel moves CCW and the right reel does not move. In REWIND, the left reel attempts to move CW and the right reel does not move. In FAST FORWARD the right reel attempts to move CCW and the left reel does not move. In all cases I can hear the solenoid engage, the motor start spinning, and then the solenoid dis-engages in about 2 seconds. (I have tried several tapes).

All fuses are good and there does not appear to be anything else that does not work. The capstan turns continuously.

Any help is appreciated.

Re: Yamaha k-2000 no go

Hope you fixed this deck already. I know its been a few years since the post but had same issue. At fault is the reel idler. The idler is no longer elastic and slips instead of turning. You can try to reconditioning the idler with rubber reconditioner.