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Yamaha M-60

I have set my eyes on a Yamaha M-60 Natural Sound amplifier. Its from way back, 1984 to be precise. If I connect a Logitech Bluetooth adaptor to the amp's input sockets will it suffice to give good sound? Any info on this amplifier would really be appreciated.


Re: Yamaha M-60

The amp is capable of better sound than a bluetooth connection can deliver, so connected to decent speakers it should sound fine.


Yamaha RX-1130

The Yamaha M-60 "flew away" but purchased a Yamaha RX-1130 instead, still on the way though. But, the comment you, JaS, made re the bluetooth thing got me thinking. Way back, 1979/80, I started with a REVOX FM tuner and a Sony Taf5a hooked up with a pair of Sonic speakers. Then, by time I added a Pioneer PD-8700 for CD, Pioneer D-05 for a DAT, Technics RS-AZ7 for a cassette deck and changed the speakers to Celestion 11. Still, I never really enjoyed the out come.
Three years ago we moved to another house, garaged the audio equipment but scraped the Sony, Revox and the Celestion due to malfunctions.
At the moment I'm using a Samsung sound bar, which has given me more enjoyable sounds than the crappy combo I had in the past. But, due to your comment, I went to the garage and dug out the CD Deck PD-8700, hooked it up with the sound bar through digital out, played Fleetwood Mac and the sound was amazingly amazing, purity that I've never heard Fleetwood Mac sound before, ever!

Having said that, I'm hoping that the Yamaha 1130 and the 8700 will be tremendously great!
Still sceptic re speakers though!
Anyway, thanks for your comments JaS.