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yamaha m-85 and yamaha c-85 not working

Both units turn on but I cant get any sound to come out of speakers or even the meters to register anything. Can't figure this out. Have checked all wiring and everything is good. Last time I used it (4 months ago) everything was fine.

Just frustrated.

Re: yamaha m-85 and yamaha c-85 not working

I am sorry but with not so much information listed, have you checked in replacing the caps in the Amp? Very often the caps just fail and that's all that needs replaced. You don't have to stay with the same manufacturer but the values and voltage should be as close as possible.

Re: yamaha m-85 and yamaha c-85 not working

First, turn the volume controls on the M85 down almost all the way. next, check each preamp control switch, like tape monitor, tone bypass, and so forth with the input turned to a known good source, like tuner or cd. Have the preamp volume low. Keep fiddling around until you get sound. Also, check that speaker A is ON on your M85. The solution should be something simple.