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Yamaha model RX 395 dead, no power

I have a Yamaha model RX 395 that is dead, no lights nothing, the fuses are good, I do not have a service manual, I am a tech and could repair this with proper documentation. Anyone have the service manual or repair tips for a dead stereo/amp? Thanks for your time and reply. Robert

Re: Yamaha model RX 395 dead, no power

The RX396 manual may be close enough.
You need to check the standby power supply (small board with an AC cord connected to it); you may have a bad transformer, filter capacitor or relay. Do an ohmmeter test of the transformer--there may be a break on the circuit board. When the filter caps there get weak they can't operate the relay. Relay contacts may be bad (not likely though).
If the transformer is open you can probably find something from mouser that will work; you might have to mount it in a different location.