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Yamaha R-500

I add a 2st turntable just to play crappy 45, and the turntable is a Marantz model # TT251. and I put it on the anx plug, and there is very low sound coming out of my amp.

Question is it my amp or is there not enough power?

Thank you

Re: Yamaha R-500

You need a "phono preamplifier" between your turntable and an "aux" input.

Another option is a little mixer with two "phono" inputs...

Re: Yamaha R-500

while I am think about it can you recommend a per amp that is not going to cost me an arm and a leg?????

Re: Yamaha R-500

Thank you for your help.....


Re: Yamaha R-500

I order the pre amp that you suggest to me, so its on the way. So I have a another question? Can I add this the the aux just and then add the pre amp. Here is what I have.


I don't know if you know much about reel to reel but i bought a Akai GX365-D and I need a motor, and can't find one. Would you know where to find one beside ebay...

Thanks for any help you can give me

Re: Yamaha R-500

Connect that Marantz phono cable to the brand new phonoamp input sockets. Output sockets to the that Radio Shack selector aux in (say aux 1 ) and output to Yamaha aux in. Remember ground cable too- Marantz to Phonoamp-Yamaha ground socket. Thats it. What about that AKAI motor problem ? Is it dead one ? Did you lubricate it ever ?

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Yes I did try to lubricate it and no go. I have no idea how to work on it from what I tried to do. I really want this to work. I am going to have a kidney transplant somewhere along the line and I won't be able to do anything at ALL so I was going to keep myself busy with the r2r making my own tapes.

Any help would be a BIG help.

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Yes, you can do that way.

Sorry about the R2R; experts in Tapeheads and Audiokarma (if not here!) could help you.

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any help I can get would be very HELPFUL. Im going to have a kidney transplant when I get the call, and I won't be able to do anything for about 30 days, and I was going to make tapes of my own to keep busy.

Thank for any help you can give.