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Yamaha R-N402 Service Manual

Hello everybody,

I want to repair my Yamaha R-N402 stereo receiver.

It has no standby light. Pressing the power button does not effect anything.
The relay from the powersupply doesn't get the signal to turn on.

Could anybody provide me the schematics for this unit?

I tried with the schematics of the R-N301, but the digital board is a different one...

Thanks in advance.

Re: Yamaha R-N402 Service Manual

I belev thas in a few day, you see in this site.
The Admin upload one time a week, i think.

Re: Yamaha R-N402 Service Manual

ok, i understand.
thank you!

Re: Yamaha R-N402 Service Manual

Hi 1andy. I up load in this site yesterday a service manuals of Yamaha R - N 402 Recv. I ope thats you see , in many days. Best regards. Dan.

Re: Yamaha R-N402 Service Manual

Hi danmajlin,
thank you for your answer!
Unfortunately i cannot find this service manual in the data base.
Do i something wrong?

Best regards