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yamaha RX-V863

I work for a av company and ran across a yamaha recevier that appears to be bad, I was wondering if anyone knows what might be causing the problem, here is what the receiver is doing no sound is coming out of the speakers on any speaker output, however occasionally the speakers will crack when the volume is adjusted, I tried running the intial setup, but the recevier keeps showing E-10 internal, I took the receiver apart but could not find any obivous damage or burnt components.

hi, i have a fault HTR-6180,

hi, i have a fault HTR-6180, which is the same as RX-V863. it can only be turn on for about 1 second and then turned off by itself.

i understand that it might be some protection. may i ask you how to setup the self diagnostic, such as E-10 internal?

do you have any access to service manual?