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301 Series 4 Bookshelf Speakers


301 Series 4 Bookshelf Speakers


The Bose 301 Series IV speaker is a replacement for the 301 Series III and 4.2® Series II
speakers. It is a passive, two-piece (mirror image stereo pair) home loudspeaker in a bookshelf
configuration. The 301 Series IV is designed for use with standard amplifiers, receivers and other
related home audio components.

The 301 Series IV speaker utilizes separate inward and outward firing tweeters to achieve
consistent stereo imaging over a broad listening area (Stereo Everywhere® performance), while
maintaining a spacious sound stage.

Asethetically, the 301 Series IV speaker features molded plastic right and left side caps mounted
to a vinyl covered, particle board enclosure. This construction eliminates the use of edge-
banding, and maintains differentation with competitors due to horizontal placement on the

The sum of all these unique features makes the 301 Series IV speaker capable of reproducing the
wide dynamic range demanded by today’s advanced recordings without strain or loss of clarity.


Speaker Compliment:
One 8" (20 cm) woofer
One 3" (7.6 cm) tweeter
One 2" (5.08 cm) tweeter

Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
IEC Power Rating: Min: 10 Watts per channel
Max: 75 Watts per channel
Cabinet: All Black, all Warm Gray or Rosewood

finish w/Black End Caps
Shipping Weight: 27.7 lbs. (12.6 kg) per pair
Speaker Dimensions: 10.25"H x 16.38"W x 9.5"D