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Acoustic Research AR-07 int Amp topless

Acoustic Research AR-07 int Amp topless

Nice int amp , basically dual mono design I think , 2 transfo's at least .


ampli a-07

I own this amp for about 4 years bought second-hand along with the speakers rcf br-1056 with a 32 cm cone speakers of the 80 that I personally have replaced completely restored and repainted the suspension woofer speaker all in hand as they are furred wooden publish 'a short manual of the amplifier I have perhaps have someone there' here in the site I found that the A-06 'and' the same line with less power 2x 60 watts RMS into 8 ohms, while A07 provides 2x95w rms 8omh still sounds very powerful well I connected a couple of other speakers from the floor 4-way car built by me and I would like to DIY power cables wiring diagram for replacement capacitors since they are many years that are at work then lose electrolytic the intrinsic quality and value mf corrisponte not more for a small fee to give a little of this integrated ossiggeno wonderful I feel lucky to own it would not change for ever with these digitized now too close to a timbre very well detailed with rich bass punches in stomach listening to jazz and blues with all friends here at the site of vintage enthusiasts