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Akai GX625


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Hello as far as I know these heads are gx ... long life ... it is damaged only by hitting or exchanging the brutal temperature. Try at authorized service ... or in Japan ... success.

Akai GX625 heads

I have a Akai GX625 and I need to replace the heads. Does anyone know where I can get them, how much they cost and how to install them?

NAD 312 (for my NAD 302) adjustments

Hello everyone. First I wanted to check if voltages and idle currents are correct and I got the following:

1. Offset voltage across E401 and ground was 0 volt left channel. Looked
ok so I did not bother to turn R411. The same for right channel E402,
0 volt with ground.
2. Idle current. My board didn’t show a LK 39 link but there was J436
wire jumper across R455 left channel. I disconnect the wire and
measure voltage across R455. Volts reading kept on changing between
0.02-0.04 volts. For right channel voltage across R456 also kept on
changing 0.02-0.04 volts also. Not sure if this is ok.
3. My original problem with right channel is still there. It works one
day and does not work the next. I think this is in the main section
because preamp both channels are working.
4. I am now using my NAD as a preamp only. Music is still good with my
DIY amp kit.
5. Thanks a lot!

PS. My board is 302 but 312 diagram is exact including the power supply and pre amp sections. The difference I found was in the values of transistors Q411-Q418 left and right channels. And of course J436, 437 for LK39 and LK1.

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This deck is actually an Akai GX-635D and is a 6 head auto reverse model. It plays in 2 directions. There is also a Dolby version. The Akai GX-625 is a 3 head model without auto reverse so you have to change the reels over to play side B.