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AKAI GXC-740D 3 Head Cassette Deck


AKAI GXC-740D 3 Head Cassette Deck


Re: AKAI GXC-740D 3 Head Cassette Deck

I managed to buy a second-hand model of the AKAI GXC-740D this week in Germany. It's in pristine condition externally. I am delighted to have acquired it. Nice to see this picture and confirm that my "knobs" that look so brand new, - are after all the original as they are identical to those on the deck in your picture.

I suppose I ought have it re-calibrated and the belts replaced and maybe the pinch rollers also, as after 37 years the rubber is bound to be a bit - "perished" - I suppose - not so stable so as to perform its original job as it was when the unit was new. But the unit seems not to have been used much at all . Not a scratch on it , in superb condition. All the "knobs" and corners are without wear knocks or corrosion . One of the green fascia bulbs appears to glow a bit dimmer as the other, and the VU meter lights are also rather dim.
I have managed to find a Hi-Fi repair/service workshop that are very familiar in servicing classic vintage Hi-Fi and am considering sending the deck there for servicing , but I am a little worried that they handle it all carefully - my "baby". Can anyone offer tips or suggestions with a re-tune service and re-calibration? will it need to be de-magnetised or the heads re-aligned? The controls do however "scratch" a bit when turned

I really wanted this deck with a passion when I was a teenager back in 1976 - but could not afford one. I remember longingly perusing the Stereo/Hi-Fi magazines at the time and looking at the deck in the showroom at Laskys in the Tottenham Court Road in London and thinking ... Wow! ..then mulled on the potential purchase for over a year, until I saw an ad for an Hitachi D 980 cassette deck or was it a 850 ? and thought "gosh"! it was even better and more modern looking optically and the specifications even more advanced with precise direct drive instead of the Dual-capstan belt drive of the Akai GXC-740D. The new led lights that started to come in 1979 were now being used for hi-fi and were replacing VU metres.

I was unable to choose between the two in the end, and ended up buying neither of them, as I still was getting beer earnings in spite of my champagne taste.

Looking at it now - now that I own it - I can really admire the beauty and quality of its construction, - its sturdy solidity and the beautiful real wood walnut cabinet and that beautifully worked finish and fitting of the silver steel fascia.

I am proud to have it now!
However, I think it will be only be in occasional use these days - really only a nostalgia value - compared to the quality of cd remasters on SACD when converting from DDD to flac or wave audio files.

I will place it together with my Marantz SA 7003 and Marantz PM 5004 . They even look good together - modern and old vintage hi-fi in harmony. I have a pair of Celestion Ditton 33 speakers that I intend to use with the system .