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Akai pt-6011 reel schematics


Akai pt-6011 reel schematics

Hi!!! I get this open reel akai model pt-6011 and it came without the audio Transformer and a pair of resistors are missing in the connection of the 400vdc . Will be great yo get the schematics please!!!
Thanks you all!!!


Re: Akai pt-6011 reel schematics

Hello Civerock,

I'm suprised to find your picture of the PT-6011 on the internet!

We, the Dutch "Stichting Norderney" own 7 pieces of this rare machine.
They where in use in the landbased studios of Radio Veronica (5) and on board of the radioship "Norderney", from wich Veronica transmitted pre-recorded radio programs (4)

After the close-down of the station on august 31- 1974, 2 machines went to an local radiostation, and were scapped later in the 70's.
1 machine was lost somewhere and 6 ended in a storage locker.
Last year we received a call fram the manager of the hotel, than nowdays is runned in the old studio building in Hilversum "Lapershoek": he had found a machine in the basement... It was the lost PT-6011! So now we have 7 machines.

2 of the machines are in working order. I repaired them 4 years ago and they are playing every week in pop museum "Rockart" in the southwest of the Netherlands. They are placen in de original offshore studio from the radioship.

When you google after the PT-6011, you wil find lots of pictures of the Akai machines. Allmost all of them are from the Veronica machines, and oly one is not: Your picture above! :)

Our problem is the same as yours: No documentation! Somwhere i must have the diagram of the power unit. I wil look for it and send it. But first a have to find it... ;)
If you managed to find more documentation: Please let me know! We wil do the same to you, offcourse!


Re: Akai pt-6011 reel schematics

Thanks so much Rob for the information!! The machine is gorgeous and i can't wait to make it sound. There are two resistors missing wich go to the 400v from the power supply and the output transformer is also missing........you must be the guy!!!! I'll be watching like a kid on christmas....