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Backlighting KX-580 cassette deck

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Backlighting KX-580 cassette deck

If a Nakamichi is beyond budget (running about £500 in UK in 2017) the Yamaha KX-580 is a very capable deck. Mine is on spec from 20 Hz to 20 k, amazing. Had to adjust speed slightly - but the years pass.
The user interface is frankly poor, but one thing can be improved: making the cassette visible. In the photos (text might not be clear, and if I discover how to upload a pdf instead I shall do that), I explain where to 'borrow' 15 volts DC near the rear of the board. Two LEDs are in series, connected through 330 ohms x 2, tops sawn off to make them smaller: the light of course needs to point towards the cassette.
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Re: Backlighting KX-580 cassette deck

TY for documenting this mod, HowardEngland. (y)