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Bell-O-Matic Models 601 & 603

Bell-O-Matic Models 601 & 603

The Bell Sound Models 601 and 603 are 4-track cartridge loaded tape recorders which can be operated at either 3 3/4 ips or 1 7/8 ips.

Model 601 records and plays back four monaural tracks. A record level indicator is provided for adjusting the volume while a recording is being made. The internal speaker may be disconnected by means of a slide switch while recording, or it may be used as a monitor.

Model 603 is a completely self-contained stereo unit. It records and plays back two stereo tracks or four monaural tracks without requiring any additional equipment. Preamp output jacks are provided so this unit may be used to drive an external amplifier and speaker system. Dual concentric volume controls regulate each channel independently. Two level indicators are provided. The left channel speaker is mounted in the recorder, and the right channel speaker is fastened in the case lid. A cable is provided to connect this speaker to the external speaker jack on the back of the recorder.

Use of a cartridge simplifies the handling of recording tape; when the cartridge is inserted into the recorder the tape is automatically threaded correctly. The cartridge can be opened easily if it is necessary to splice or edit the recording.

The same tape transport is used for Models 601 and 603. An auto stop switch turns off the power to the recorder at the end of the tape when operating in "Play" ("Record") mode. Power is restored when the Operating control is returned to "Stop" position. Since the ends of the tape are securely fastened to the reels in the cartridge, the tape stops automatically in either "Rewind" or "Forward" position when the end is reached. Clutches on the rewind and makeup shafts prevent excessive stretching of the tape. The lower element in the play/record head and in the erase head handles the Channel 1 (Left Channel) signal.