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Black to Silver Knob/Dial mod.

Black to Silver Knob/Dial mod.

Bought a SL-P770 off Craigslist and spent a couple months trying to find a Service Manual or a Part number for the silver SL-P770 dial and knob. No Luck. Even called Panasonic directly. Finally gave in and just removed the Anodizing from the knob with Heavy Duty EasyOff oven cleaner to expose the aluminum underneath. Bought a output level control knob for a RS-M45 off of eBay and swapped out the black level to the silver level control knob. Lite Silver power button is on the way also.

Anyone else out there this Anal? I like my equipment to match as much as possible.



Re: Black to Silver Knob/Dial mod.

I am totally totally like this, but in the opposite direction - silver be gone!

Here, check out what I did to the SL-P10

I'm all about the "square power button' era of Technics. While you're there, check out the chrome feet on the SL-1300MKII, the only proper Technics color SV-D1000s DATs on the planet, the brown SL-10, or why not SP-15. RS-B100 with silver record level knob? Not in my house! And since Technics never did a remote controlled pre-amp in the square power button era, I picked one from the time period and...well, you can see what I did there.

And here is another pet peeve, I don't like the silver square era power buttons! I switch them all out with the gun metal dark silver. Technics CCA setup with silver power buttons - I don't think so! In fact, you want to trade a few power buttons? It looks like your P770 doesn't have the same power button like your SU-A6MKII. :-)

Re: Black to Silver Knob/Dial mod.

I bought a Sony outfit that turned out to be the first remote control unit in the late 70"s, and also the last of the "white anadized alum." stereo equipment manufactured. I always liked the silver look better than the black. To bad the lettering wasn't engraved in, then sand away and re-highlite when white with a nice gold color or black lettering.