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Breath of a goats System.

Breath of a goats System.

Michell Mycro on a Seismic sink with Rega Rb 250& AT 95e

Arcam Alpha 7se CD player

World Audio Pre Amp 2

Wright Audio Royale SE Power Amp

Phillips CDR 775 CD Recorder

Video and DVD on a shelf

Arcam A75 plus & P75 Power

Project Phono SE11 Phono stage

Mission 752 Freedom speakers

Out of sight on a Shelf is a Thorens TD160 b mk 2 with Hadcock GH220ss arm and Shure V15 mk111 with Jico SAS stylus.That's where the grey cable on the floor leads to,or indeed from.

Note the two Belkin surge Protectors on the floor,Stopped all annoying clicks and pops through my system.