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Digital Compact Cassette DCC-900

Digital Compact Cassette DCC-900


very presentable machine. i

very presentable machine.

i have one but with common problem that playback no sound.

the digital-in and analog out loop in recording mode is fine.

it lacks the dimmer function as well.

later fixed the problem is one via in head amplifier board no longer conductive.

DCC 900

I have a DCC 900 with exactly the same problem.
Could you explain wath you did to the head-amplifier board to repair it?


basically, digital head need

basically, digital head need bias to work. there are 2 transistor on board serve this bias but the power to them is missing due to the trace/via was burned out by acid from electrolytic capacitor.

try to trace the signal from preamplifier ic and it would give your some idea whether the siginal is available or not.

search internet will find some of my comments on this problem as well.

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Yes friends.......

I've identical problems too...........

Only noise in analog, nothing in digital.......... :o(

We need service manual.......

Do you have it?!?



try to use Technics SM which

try to use Technics SM which is available in here. they are very similar.