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Hafler DH-101 Pre-amplifier Front Panel

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Hafler DH-101 Pre-amplifier Front Panel

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Re: Hafler DH-101 Pre-amplifier Front Panel

Got mine in kit form in the early 80s. Room Mate worked for United Technologies with lots of Electronics experience so he put it together a lot faster than I could have. It had intermittent problems so I sent it to Hafler for a work over. Came back OK with a report of a couple of minor component replacements and cold solder joints dealt with. Years later I discovered how cheap the RCA terminal strips were and moth balled it. I was living in Ct. Now using a Mystically Amazing Tanberg TR 2075 with a Phase Linear 400 Series 2. Bang! Found the Tandberg at my local Dump. Cleaned the pots and ready to rock.But I digress...I'm no friend of Hafler.