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Heath AC-2540 Cassette Deck

Heath AC-2540 Cassette Deck


Re: Heath AC-2540 Cassette Deck

Cosmetically this is the exact unit as a Harman Kardon TD-262 inside and out except for the name stamp that says "Heath AC-2540 instead of "Harman Kardon TD-262 on the faceplate.

For technical information all belts and internal parts are the exact replacement as used for the Harman Kardon TD-212 & 262.

With it's true 20-20Khz frequency range this is one of the few decks that gives that 7 1/2 ips reel to reel sound with Type II/IV cassette media at the correct bias trim.

Of all the Cassette Decks/Players I've had over the years this one is by far the best sounding.
This truly a wonderful sounding cassette deck.