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Heathkit AD-1304 Active Audio Processor

Heathkit AD-1304 Active Audio Processor


Re: Heathkit AD-1304 Active Audio Processor

I found my original manual!

Heath AD1304

It's a beautiful machine! It works really fine, and is really useful, with FM and tape cassettes...its noise reducer is fast and the exp is fine too.
Really well designed, could be considered a "super DNL" (DNL is a Philips patent) working way better than DNL....and compatibile with any source....
I own one and even if I use it only seldom, I am glad indeed to have it...

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Re: Heath AD1304

Hey, I got one of these babies for a few bucks a couple days ago. When I hooked it up it sounded a little muffled so I opened it up and put some deoxit on all contacts and voila. While doing this I noticed these use 3-band expansion for noise reduction... very interesting... and good looking. I am using as a single-end noise reduction for my akai gx-4000d. I am happy with it so far. Cheers!

Re: Heath AD1304

do you have a diagram that shows how to connect the input/output/tape monitor/tape out to a receiver? I used to have it hooked up to a Yamaha CR-1020, but I can't find my manual. the Yamaha has a tape 1 monitor, tape 1 input, pre-amp out, main in.