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Heathkit tube amp

Heathkit tube amp


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Heathkit Tube AMP

My Dad, who just turned seventy, is still using his Heathkit tube amp in his pharmacy (the amp is in the basement and the pharmacy is very modern) to provide background music. I believe he constructed this unit before I was born (1964). It provides twenty watts of output and has been incredibly reliable for over forty years. I can't even remember changing the tubes.
Examination of the construction reveals a point to point wiring scheme beneath the chassis (no circuit boards.) But who cares? This was a fun project, laden with nostalgia, and I'm glad to see that someone besides me appreciates it.
Because of my father's experience, he passed the torch to me. I constructed and still have a digital scale, indoor/outdoor thermometer, H8/H17/TI-810 digital computer with HDOS and lot of assembly code that I wrote, and possibly other kits that elude me at the moment.
I loved the Heathkit era, Of course there are a number of kit vendors (Ramsey, etc.) but the high degree of integration (LSI, surface mount technology) takes away some of the fun

P.S. My father has the optional grill cover that "finishes" the unit although I'm sure many like to see the tubes just as they are. He also has the original yellow Heathkit owner's construction manual. Very nostalgic.