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Heco Superior 700, Mahagoni P36,


Heco Superior 700, Mahagoni P36,


Re: Heco Superior 700, Mahagoni P36,

I lusted after the Superior 700 when I was 16~18 years old. They were the class of what could be demoed locally and that included Polk SDS SRS and B&W (two other brands I highly admire).

The 700s have significantly deeper bass with more impact (although less controlled) but the 800s with their dual 10" woofers are tighter and faster. It's a toss up between the two models. Both excellent.

When an opportunity to pick up a pair of teak Superior 700s came up at a garage sale for almost nothing, I jumped at them. I figured I could replace the bad drivers but it turned out the only issue they had were dry caps in the crossover.

These things are a bit tough to recap, as you have to compensate for the ESR difference between a high end modern capacitor versus the Elko caps from the 80s. If you are able to do this and you can get hold of a pair, do it. These speakers continue to be a delight. They out perform my Polk Audio RTi A9 and several other models I have kicking around. A real treat. 5 stars for value, 4.5 stars for quality.