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H.H. Scott Stereomaster 357

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H.H. Scott Stereomaster 357


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Re: H.H. Scott Stereomaster 357

My 357 is a bench standard and would be equally at home at work where I first used it after restoring it. The tuner is selective enough to pick out the FM stations you really want, especially in the eastern USA with a band crowded by pop-up translators and overpowering corporate stations.

The high and low level phono inputs are most helpful when switching from magnetic to ceramic cartridges.

After working on a Marantz receiver and a Pioneer amp for customers, and having to unscrew and swing out circuit boards just to clean pots-switches, I have no desire to ever own one again. The HH Scott 357 used on my bench for record player service needed only a driver transistor in the last six years.