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Intel (Europhon) RCK 2000 A

Intel (Europhon) RCK 2000 A

front of Intel (Europhon) RCK 2000 A amp, any infomation on this?




I have one in silver, bought by my father in 1978 (complete set: amplifier, radio, cassette deck and turntable). It is an italian consumer-oriented appareil, made in the late 70s in Milano by a producer of radio and electronic components.
Europhon existed until 1987, when it closed afer having opened an office in Germany and having turned into making tv colors.
The quality of the thing is average, a little noisy, nothing special, but it is nowadays a pretty rare object and a good match with german din machines (like Dual TT or Grundig loudspeakers).
It was rated at about 35 W per channel, and the entire set costed about 750.000 lire at the tima (which is a pretty high price, considering that it was made in Italy and medium-level).
I would be glad to read your listening impressions about it.

Enjoy it and greetings from Italy.


Re: Europhon

Ne ho uno identico. Fa parte di tutto il set: giradischi, sintonizzatore, piastra.
E' un impianto dal suono decisamente pulito e corposo.
Allo stato attuale ho un problema di reperibilità di due integrati della piastra.
L'amplificatore ha lavorato molto, sia come facente parte del set che, da solo, come amplificatore in un impianto ibrido di casa! Mai avuti problemi.
Decisamente un buon prodotto.