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Is a wattage meter modification on a Marantz 2270 possible?

Is a wattage meter modification on a Marantz 2270 possible?

I love Marantz receivers but the signal strength/FM tuning meters bug me a bit. I love the way they look but I mainly use my receiver for listening to vinyl, so they're kind of pointless for me. If I could switch one thing from the Pioneer SX models it would be the Wattage meters. So I'm wondering... how difficult would it be to switch out the signal strength/tuning meters for wattage meters on say a Marantz 2270. I'm not a tech guy at all, so sorry if this is a ridiculous question. I'm just wondering if you think it'd be possible and how much work it would entail?


Re: Is a wattage meter modification on a Marantz 2270 possible?

The other option is to search the other Marantz offerings for that era. I seem to remember there was a very similar model (near the top of the line) that sported both tuning and power meters. The added benefit is higher models would likely sport better performance figures as well.

The difference between selling yours and buying the next model or two up would certainly be less money and effort than modifying what you have. And as others have mentioned, any major visual modifications would diminish the resell value of your 2270 to the majority of people in the Marantz resale market.

I have bought, restored and sold several of these 22xx series, and the market demand remains quiet strong.

Update, after doing some checking, the power meters were only available on the component systems. (140/3200/120, amp/pre-amp/tuner) No receiver of that era had power meters. Still an option though, the separates did have better noise/power figures. The model I was mis-remembering was the 2446, 4-channel amplifier of the mid-1970's mated with a stand-alone tuner.

Re: Is a wattage meter modification on a Marantz 2270 possible?

Anything is possible - but:

The meters are part of the tuner. They are in aid in center tuning the receiver and orienting the antenna for maximum signal from the radio station's transmitter.

To change them out for power meters would be quite a job. Finding meters with a power scale of the exact same dimensions and appearance might be very difficult. Additional circuitry is required to convert the AC output intended for the speakers to whatever the meter requires. It would also be desirable to calibrate the system to match the full output of the receiver to indicate 75% of full scale. If you really feel ambitious you could build a log amp that would provide more meter movement at lower signals and less at higher. What you have now, one of the meters is a "zero center" type the other is a high sensitivity DC meter. That Marantz is beautiful and leaving it "unmolested" is my recommendation. Might I suggest an external power meter? Something like a Crown OC-150? Devices like these connect to the speaker output terminals on the receiver, then the speakers are connected to the device. In the case of the OC-150 you have your choice of a "VU" type scale with VU ballistics, or a peak reading scale with adjustable peak hold time as well as selectable sensitivity.

There are quite a few of these devices available, the vintage Crown was used as an example.