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JCX 2400KR Receiver

JCX 2400KR Receiver


Re: JCX 2400KR Receiver

Good day JIm...

I was wondering was your JCX always inthis condition or did you have to do some work on it... I ask because I found one at GW, an it is stellar except for someone felt they needed the volume know more than I.... I have already redone all of the lights and cabinet... this thing sounds unbelieveable...

Thanks so much


Re: JCX 2400KR Receiver

Hello Hank,

I purchased the receiver on eBay and it was in that condition when I received it.
Mine sounds good too, but the tuner is intermittent. It stops working for a period, but will usually start working again. I am not sure it's worth spending much money to repair the tuner and I had another tuner to plug in to one set of the auxiliary jacks.

Thanks for your interest!