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Jensen Model 5 Speaker System

Jensen Model 5 Speaker System

From a JENSEN flyer
List price: $147

We designed the Model 5 system as a four speaker three-way system, to give you
greater range, flexibility and more balanced sound. We've included a 12" woofer,
two complementary 5" direct radiating mid-range elements, and our famous Sonodome Ultra-tweeter.
The unique design of this system incorporates our Total Energy Response, which
produces the best musical balance throughout your listening room.
We have used our trademarked, and justly famous foam Flexair suspension system,
to give sound clarity and realism. And our special crossover networks are designed
to provide optimum smoothness and tonal blend.
The woofer coil has four layers. There is a Tuned Isolation Chamber
an each mid-range speaker Our Sonodome Ultra-tweeter will respond beyond audible
And there are two rear panel balance controls.
Model 5 has a luxurious hand rubbed walnut cabinet finished an four sides.
It may be positioned upright or an its side.

Frequency Range: 32-30,000 Hz
Power Rating: 60 watts
Impedance. 8 ohms
Crossover: 500/4,000 Hz
Dispersion: 170°
Dimensions: 26" x 15" x 13" deep
Balance Controls: Two, for mid and high frequencies
Grill Cloth: Easily removable brown and black patterned fabric
Connections: Push type binding posts
Shipping Weight: 52 lbs.


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Re: Jensen Model 5 Speaker System

You can find refoaming kits at www.simplyspeakers.com
They have Jensen's size foam rings
I successfully revived a pair of Jensen Model 6 recently for 80$
All the best

Re: Jensen Model 5 Speaker System

I have an old pair of Jensen Model 5 speakers that need to have the Woofers replaced or the foam surrounds repaired. Can someone tell me a good replacement speaker to use to replace the 12" woofers? I would ideally like to have them drop right in with the same bolt pattern but I know that probably wont happen. If I have to surrounds repaired/replaced to use the original speakers what would be the approximate cost for that?

Thanks much for any help


Re: Jensen Model 5 Speaker System

I Recommend a rebuild of your originals, you'll never get that same vintage sound without them. Remember, Jensen took alot of care in designing a matched set of drivers for those well-crafted enclosures. A whoofer with different design parameters will make your system sound off balance.

At your local speaker shop or audio supply house you can find re-cone kits, and possibly foam surrounds by themselves. But first, go to youtube.com and search for 'JBL Re-Cone'. This should lead you to many a video fully explaining how to do it yourself on quality 12" whoofers. That should be cheap enough for ya. Check it out.

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Re: Jensen Model 5 Speaker System

Better restore the old original speakers.And look at messages!