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Bluenote Bellavista

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Bluenote Bellavista

Recently purchased bluenote bellavista with a partially rega upgraded arm, and the kit contains the well known michell stub and silver leads and rca cable in 1 piece. , spins real nice and the delrim platter feels sturdy, without play on the bearings. As you see it ain't used yet, but i want the arm, first upgrade totally(not by michell). I just bought it for the same price, as the upgrade kit, which includes the incognito rewiring, so i'm happy.

Plinth feels sturdy, not cheap at all, only the feet are going to be replaced for spikeless ones and these are to flexibell; Never liked three feet setting, instead of four.

Motor reacts fast and the platter is fast at the right speed. Speedchanging by hand. Haven't measured the accuracy of the speed yet, but all goldnote upgrade kits fits this bluenote. One point i don't like is the vta adjustment, done by one screw, finally
the screw is gonna spin and it's just plastic......cheap.


Re: Bluenote Bellavista

Hi, this was my upload(all those inlog-names...), but i sawsomewhere bluenote.it for the gear, but for sparepareparts, you just have go to goldnote.it and everything is available. One annoying thing is getting a new belt, since the available once are just a bit too long. I now have the out of one piece made 1mm which costed 40euro... but i've let a larger piece off plexiglass with holes in it for this deck and made diy sturdy rubber+alu coil around it and just placed 4 cheap spike under the underplate and it runs fine.