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Kenwood KR-6030 relay installation

Kenwood KR-6030 relay installation

Here is an internal look at KR-6030 receiver in beautiful condition, which had common problem of burnt out rotary power switch. After cleaning and dressing switch contacts, a DPDT 16 amp 120 VAC relay was installed. This removed heavy inrush surge from power switch. After five years with added relay, receiver is still working perfectly.


Re: Kenwood KR-6030 relay installation

They way you installed that relay in the 9600 is great and a damn good idea for a broken switch or one that still works well (for now anyway). Amperage on that switch is way more than the 9600 will ever pull and even so you can replace that relay. Excellent idea and very nice neat install. Thanks for the pictures and all of your manual uploads as well. VSAT88.