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Linn Classik Receiver-CD Player


Linn Classik Receiver-CD Player


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LINN Classik 2001.

I purchased this piece out of service for a fistfull of dollars...20€....
After opening the box, I'Ve seen that both of the TDA 7293 were blowned away.
The main fuse (3.15A) were burned.
But after desoldering the TDA amp and the four capacitors ( 100µF /63v), put a good fuse.
Everything seems ok, the CD works great ! Also the (excellent) tuner was ok...Lucky one.
I Ordered the news AMP and after soldering them, how was my surprise !
This apparatus is really like no one else, it has a really talent to make music.
A clear medium range, and basses are here, present but not "greasy".
Good choice if you find one, it's easy to repair.
Happy new year...
(excuse my poor english, i'm french) ^_^