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MA 6100 face

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MA 6100 face

The McIntosh MA-6100 is a stereo preamp/power amp combined on one chassis, "integrated amplifier." Two sets of stereo speakers may be hooked up and turned off or on from the front panel, where there also is a headphone jack. The headphone signal is not affected by the speaker selector switches.

Bass and treble controls are dual- concentric types that permit separate adjustment on each channel. The channel balance control shares a dual-concentric arrangement with the loudness compensation control which itself also has a "presence" position. Power off/on is combined with the master volume control.

The MA-6100 is that it is a superb integrated amplifier that should interest a wide range of Vintage users. Remember in buying a pre-owned unit that it is entirely possible for a unit to have been serviced in a less-than-perfectly competent way and then returned to the dealer.