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Marantz PM440, ST340, TT240

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Marantz PM440, ST340, TT240

The Marantz PM440 amplifier is matched with its radio receiver, the ST340 and the record player, TT240. I found them on Craigslist a few years ago for a song.

I modified the turntable by removing the troublesome auto-return parts and inserting sound-deadening ballast inside. I also installed an on-off switch on the rear fascia for manual operation.

This affordable system projects smoothly from those JBL towers and, while not deafening, still rocks! The Sonos system adds a zone and streaming

I plan to add more sound absorption material in the room and a luxurious rug for sonic-reflection control.

I spent little, yet, I'm pleased with the sound. Long live rock and roll! And, may these 80s HiFis live as long!