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Mission 734 Floor Standing Speakers

Mission 734 Floor Standing Speakers


Re: Mission 734 Floor Standing Speakers

Treble is very splashy on these 734s,but the later 734i overcome this with a silk dome tweeter,both speakers sound much more weighty when loaded with sharp sand being careful of how much you use, no more than 3-4 lb should be enough.

Bi-Wiring is another option to try out with these speakers,which gives a more controlled sound,but two runs of cable to each speaker from the amplifier is required.

As with all speakers,to obtain the sound you want careful placement is required depending what type of music you listen too, the isolation spikes remove contact from the floor to a minimum which does help the sound. These speakers handle 25-125watts at 8ohms from an amplifier.

My opinion,

Build quality 7 out of 10 Sound quality 7.5 out of 10

Bass quality 9 out of 10 Mid range/treble 5 out of 10 (as treble is harsh)
9 out of 10 (on the 734i)

I listen to mainly R n B,Reggae, Jazz Music. And they sound excellent and well balanced,if you like bass they deliver! and if you like more laid back music they deliver as well. So i would recommend them, i have owned mine (734i) for over 15 years,and would not part from them.

Original price new £499