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Mission 776/777 Pre and Poweramplifier

Mission 776/777 Pre and Poweramplifier

Mission 776 pre amp specs:
It is an unusual preamp powered by 24V battery and has a built in recharging unit which turns on when you are not using the unit

Mission 777 power Amp. Specs:
Dual Mono construction with 2x100Watt/8Ohm THD 0.01%, Typ. clipping
120/8Ohm - 180W/4Oms, DC-400.000Hz +0/-3dB, Damping Factor 40, 20kg/44lbs

2x 300WA Transformers, 8x 15.000µF/63V- ELNA Hi-Grade Lytics, par. with RIFA capacitors, "Heavy Duty" printboards, cast iron cabinet,
Hitachi Semiconductors: 2SJ50/2SK135 MOS-FETs (alt. 2SJ55/2SK175 or

It is quite powerful set, despite the concervative rating of 2x100 Watt RMS in 8 Ohm, since the powersupply is so heavy dimensioned (total of 120.000 myF in capacitors). The letters spelling Mission on the front plate acts as a heatsink for the power amp.