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NAD 3020e & 3020i


NAD 3020e & 3020i

The differences between the two.

The[e] model has springclips,the[i] model has proper binding posts

The {i] model has a pre/power loop.the [i] does not.

the [i] has gold plated phono socketd on the phono stage.

the [e] also has a baseplate with a protrusion to fit the mains transformer,the [i] does not.


NAD 3020e & 3020i

Sorry made a mistake.The i has a pre/power loop.The e does not.

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Re: NAD 3020e & 3020i

hi can you please tell me where you bought the rubber feet?

NAD 3020i

I own a NAD 3020i for several years, and I can use it either as Integrated Amp or a Preamp.
And I also want to clarify that it has a bulk-protrussion on the bottom chassis for the transformer (it almost touches the cabinet), so I had to add tiny bumpers to the 4 rubber feet!