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Neckermann 821/853 receiver from 1968

Neckermann 821/853 receiver from 1968

Neckermann 821/853 receiver.Made in germany about 1968! -If I know well-this receiver built by/of a JVC licence.The power amp section contains TO-3 transistors
( 2SB407 - Sanyo).Very good stability and wide operating range.
The heat sink is fixed to the very big chassis - so the transistors stays cool.
Not a big power but strong enough to pump a 100-120 watts loudspeaker ordenary sensitivity (88-89 dB/1W/1m)
Wood case,loudness,tone control,tape monitor,tuner,the pre and the power amp is unconnectable and connectable.
Kicking bass,clear high range.The mid is not too screaming,well balanced.



Got one of these. Cool design. Not a bad sound at all. This monster rocks! :)