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Nikko A-300D Inside View

Nikko A-300D Inside View

Model Integrated amplifier
Music power (IHF) 45W (8Ω)
Effective output 16W/16W (8Ω)
Power response 30Hz ~ 20kHz-1dB (1% distortion)
Frequency characteristic 20Hz ~ 30kHz ± 1dB
Distortion 0.2% (at the time of an Output 1W)
Input sensitivity / impedance Phono1, 2:2.0 mV/50kΩ
Tuner: 240mV/100kΩ
Aux: 150mV/100kΩ
Tape moni: 220mV/50kΩ
S / N Phono: 60dB
Tuner, Aux, Tape: 70dB
Tone control Bass: ± 13dB (70Hz)
Treble: ± 13dB (10kHz)
Loudness +11 DB (70Hz), +7 dB (10kHz)
The semiconductor used 18: Transistor
Eight: Diodes
Power consumption (At no signal) 18W
(Max) 86W
Physical Dimensions 95 × height 300 × depth 215mm width
Weight 3.9kg


Re: Nikko A-300D Inside View

This example must be an early model? In '73/'74 these and the 400D's had an IC for each channel driver circuit, which, if it failed was swapped out for a piggyback circuit board with discrete componants. this would have apeared in the area on this picture where there are some wires crossing the board to the front controls. Everything else looks the same. So nostalgic to see my work from so many years later!!

Interestingly, the 300D and the 400D, were almost identical, the difference being in the addition of another three pushbuttons making two rows of three switches. these provided loudness A/B speakers, the other I've forgotten, well it's almost forty years!

As an afterthought, this might not be a UK version circuit board, we were aware at the time, that there were variations in design for different market areas around the globe and in the very early seventies, the inter brand competition was contested strongly in UK! I seem to recall this photo might even be similar to a A 450 D board? which is from an earlier model and might have continued in use on the later A 300D and A 400D's? Canny boyoh's those nips!!