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Nikko Alpha 220 Amp

Nikko Alpha 220 Amp


Re: Nikko Alpha 220 Amp

I have a nikko pre-amp beta 20, power amp alpha 220, graphic eq 20, & a Panasonic SA-HT390 receiver. I tried to hook them up & doesn't seem to be wkg. Ive been looking for company info so I can get an owners manual with the hook-up instructions, but am having no luck. Is their anybody who can help me find or point me in the right direction. Its a beautiful machine & Id really like to enjoy it for a long time to come. Id appreciate any feedback any can send this way. Thanks.

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Nikko Alpha 220 Amplifier

I have two of these that share a Beta 20 preamp.

Vintage 1978. Bought them in '87 and paid $750.00.

They run hot so I run air by them with a couple of Industrial fans.

Operating DC is (+ -) 70 volts. Keep them cool and they'll go forever.

Would like to get my hands on an Alpha 440.

Re: Nikko Alpha 220 Amplifier

Hello Dave,
I have the Alpha 230 but, can't find the manual. The 220 & 230 are almost the same so if I could get the manual would be honored.


nikko alpha 220 and 440

Hi Dave !
I own a Alpha 220 ..and I can say it runs not hot. If you need the service manual,please leave an email adress for me and I will send it to you.
I owned also a 440 -I sold it last month-I used them for biamp.They did look wonderful together and make a wonderful biamp system.The 440 is an mazing amp due to the instant power capabilities..even if I wasn't very happy with the tonal balance,I must say that the soundstage was amazingly clear ...and any symphonic passage played without any dynamic limitations !

As for quality...NIKKO did built for 100 years..amazing amps!

The 220 was famous at his time,due to nonmetalic sound and natural sound...was recommended as a solution next to the valve budget :-) ..not the force of the 440,but enough power for normal listening conditions...


Nikko Alpha 220 Amp

Hi, Christian, I have this amp, but it does not work.
If ypu still have the schematic diagram, please send it for me for fixing it.
If you need of any other service manuals, I have over 700 pc. of different brands.

Regards and thanks in advance.
Mark Shalimov, St-Petersburg, Russia

Re: Nikko Alpha 220 Amp

Hello Mark !

For some reason,only now,in 2015 :-) I read your post.
If you still need the service manual,please let me know.
Best wishes,