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nudie of my Realistic STA-2000D

nudie of my Realistic STA-2000D

These were HEAVY and well built receivers with a powerful transformer of very good construction and two big 15000 mf Caps on the supply side!! The output stages have nice extruded heat sinks and are separate and identical. The tuner section is a nice 4 gang analog tuner. Its not as sweet sounding as my Nakamichi Stasis or my Rotel RX-1050 receiver (having better toroidal transformers), but it is way better than later Realistic brand gear, and i forgot these were $499.95 in 1979. I couldn't even afford a Realistic back then...


Re: nudie of my Realistic STA-2000D

Just picked up one of these for $160. I think that is a reasonable price and that included shipping. Not that I needed it - I am running my old Onkyo TX-88 but I just love the looks of these old receivers and growing up I was a big Realistic fan.

can't wait to get it.