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Oppo BDP-83

Oppo BDP-83

Oppo BDP-83:

Blu-Ray Player
Upconverting DVD Player
SACD (Super Audio CD) Player
DVD-Audio Player
DTS-CD Player
CD Player
Flash Drive Player
-AVI Files
-MKV Files
-MPG Files
-WMV Files
-MP3 Files
-WAV Files
-JPG Files

Built-In DTS and Dolby Digital Decoders
HDMI, Component, Composite Outputs
All-Region Player
Ethernet Port
Serial Port
2 USB Ports


waynewta's picture

Oppo BDP-83 has leg up on sucessors in analog stereo output.

I own an Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray universal player. I have kept the firmware up to date (I have the unit connected to the Internet) and my unit is connected to my Yamaha RX-V3900 receiver through an HDMI cable. The HDMI cable is all that is needed (besides the power cable and the network cables.)

Newer Oppo units, while I relish them and will undoubtedly buy one when prices come down, do not offer a stereo down mixed analog audio output. Apparently this feature is a relic and at least with respect to Oppo, we're not going to so it any more.

I have used the feature to record musical DVDs or Blu-rays, like the musical film Rent, into the analog input in my computer, thereby making it available for download onto an SDHC card for my Garmin GPS's built in MP3 player. With the DVD, there are utilities that can extract the audio digitally (although many are filled with bugs, spyware, ad ware, and malware - so be cautious.) With the Blu-ray version, with respect to digital audio, you're out of luck until Blu-ray is cracked (which probably won't be much longer give.)

Just using the stereo audio outputs (which, by there very nature, contain Dolby Pro-Logic II surround information) on the Oppo BDP-83 work quite well as an audio source with no trace of hum, hiss, or noise.

Wayne Reses (Hank Kingsley on Facebook)

P.S. Correction to photo comment: This is NOT an all region player.