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Pass Labs X1 Preamp

I am the lucky new owner of this Pass X1 Preamp and it is incredible. The most in dynamic staging I've ever encountered. My question is has anyone else had this problem I'm experiencing? The input numbers will change when I want to go to another source but the preamp will not engage any other input but No 1. I'm using balanced cables for outputs to amp, the XA30.5 and RCA to input one. I connected the XP15 phono to No.1 input using balanced cables and again NO SOUND. It appears that the only input functioning is No. 1 but in singled ended only. Any ideas? Thanks. This is my first class A stereo. I've ordered a X10 and XA60.5 monos but would like to understand what is wrong if anyone has experienced this with this peramp or any others.

Nelson Pass

You better enter the diyaudio forum, where you can find Nelson Pass, "The one and only". He will be glad to help you, he is a very nice person.