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Philpips US-Lab

Philpips US-Lab

Philips US-Lab :

AF829 MK II Record Player
N5741 Tapedeck
AH673 Tuner
AH572 PreAmp
AH578 PowerAmp


Re: Philpips US-Lab


Congratulation, have a nice stereo,

i review and i think may be interest or help to you the follows links



If do you have interest to shell i have interest to buy it.

A friend have a amplifier in Mty.

Best regards

Re: Philips US-Lab

Jup. No Tubes.
Lot of power.
no known problems at all (to me)
Only thing you have to be aware is, if the power Transistor have been replaced,
all 8 per chanel should have been replaced and very carefully adjusted, otherwise
they toast each other.

Still looking for a black tuner AH6731 to complete the black US-Lab set.




The classic philips from before. I love it

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I'm picked up the amp,and preamp today at an estate sale. Before you go thinking, "There goes another lucky bastard that stumbles into something for next to nothing", and don't become a hater... this is the first time in over 30 years of collecting audio gear that i ever got a good deal on. So just... chill.... LOL Can anybody tell me what to check first, as this is the first time I've run into a tube set up, and I cant say how long it's been sitting. Variac? When are these required? Also... What can anyone that knows about this set tellme about it's quality... and overall quality and performance? Thanks.Pictures will be uploaded as soon as I get this beast cleaned up. :o)


Where are the tubes? Isn't that all Solid State?